FundSeeder is a broker agnostic, financial technology company pioneering a trading revolution. We have created the world's first search engine for undiscovered trading talent. Watch the video to learn more.

Why FundSeeder?

At FundSeeder, we are passionate about finding great traders. We have created this platform as a forum where traders can demonstrate their strategies and skills, compete with each other, and connect with investors looking to discover up-and-coming trading talent.


FundSeeder provides traders a unique opportunity to meet sophisticated investors.

  • It doesn't matter if you’re a professional, or simply someone with a passion for trading – FundSeeder will cater to your most important needs.

  • Continue trading from the brokerage account you use – Your trading data will be independently and securely populated on our state-of-the-art platform.

  • Benchmark yourself – You will be compared with other active traders on the basis of your trading data, which will influence your FundSeeder ranking.

  • Be rewarded on results – Who you know or don’t know doesn’t make a difference. Rely on your skills to attract the right investors.


We help investors find early-stage emerging managers on a global scale.

  • Find traders all over the world who are successfully trading their own accounts, but have been invisible to the investment world because of their lack of access to investment capital.

  • Returns are verified directly via real-time brokerage data feeds.

  • Investors are free to negotiate their own terms with traders. All seed deals are handled off the FundSeeder platform.

  • Early seed investors can secure extra benefits such as favorable terms and locked-in capacity


How FundSeeder Works?

FundSeeder provides traders from all over the globe the opportunity to attract capital from sophisticated investors.

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Are You an Undiscovered Market Wizard?

Be profiled in Jack Schwager's upcoming book "Undiscovered Market Wizards", part of the "Market Wizards" series.

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Build Track Record

Do you think you have what it takes to manage money? Prove it. Learn how to build your track record with us today.

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Get Noticed

Big or small? It doesn't matter. Investors who use our platform are looking to source emerging traders from all over the globe.

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Go Pro

Attract investor capital and structure your trading firm properly. Operations, marketing, and compliance - we have you covered

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People Are Talking. . .

Peter L. Brandt, Trader and Allocator (USA)

"FundSeeder is an idea whose time is long overdue. FundSeeder will provide immeasurable value and benefits to CPOs, family offices and other asset allocators, private investors, FCMs, and, most importantly, to emerging traders looking to establish a credible performance record."

Leo Chiu, CEO Ever Fountain - Financial Group ( Hong Kong)

"The platform is the very first and most comprehensive platform we've encountered that allows investors to track and monitor traders. We’re also impressed with data analysis tools to help investors to learn more about traders and their related strategies."

In The News. . .

Noted author Jack Schwager and investment industry veteran Emanuel Balarie have teamed up to launch The website is designed to showcase the skill of new managers who may not even have assets to run yet. For traders who sign up, they agree to have their trades verified by the site and shown to potential early investors, or seeders in the hopes of raising new capital....

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FundSeeder is changing the trading paradigm. For Inquiries and press inquiries contact us


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Chief Executive Officer

Jack Schwager

Head of Trader Development

James Bibbings

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Berman

Chief Research Officer

Kelly Balarie

Chief Marketing Officer

Eugene Olin

Chief Technology Officer

Vladimir Krouglov

Director of Research & Analytics

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Director of Business Development