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FundSeeder is a financial data and analytics company providing a free trader platform, emerging manager
investment opportunities, and customized software for financial institutions.

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OurPlatform provides


Popular and proprietary statistics

A wide range of performance and risk measures, trade statistics, monthly returns and more.


Set of specialized charts

A variety of specialized charts such as cumulative return, underwater curve, and annualized volatility


Index benchmarks

The ability to compare your equity curve with a host of index benchmarks or other accounts on the platform.


Proprietary tools

Proprietary tools that allow you to generate rolling indicator charts, apply technical analysis, etc


The vast majority of alternative assets are managed by multi-billion-dollar hedge funds and managers with over $100 million in AUM account for most of the rest. If you are not already managing substantial assets or working at a large hedge fund, your chances of breaking into the asset management world are slim, regardless of your trading skill.

We are dedicated to finding skilled traders worldwide, regardless of country of origin or pedigree. We focus on your verified return/risk performance. Traders with superior performance may be eligible for inclusion in FundSeeder Investment’s emerging manager index products and seeding program.

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Jack Schwager

FundSeeder Traders Featured

in Latest Market Wizards Book

Jack Schwager, Fundseeder co-founder, released his newest book, Unknown Market Wizards, in November 2020. As the title suggests, the book is focused on unknown or little-known but highly successful traders. Some of the traders included in the book were discovered on

Are you an undiscovered Market Wizard? Be sure to sign up to FundSeeder so you can be discovered. Our search for superior traders is ongoing and global, spanning both developed and emerging-market countries.

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the new market wizards bookThe New Market Wizards
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the little bok of market wizardsThe Little Book of Market Wizards
uknown market wizards bookUnknown Market Wizards


Executive Team
Emanuel Balarie
Emanuel Balarie
Chief Executive Officer
Jack Schwager
Jack Schwager
Chief Research Officer,
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Georgios Efstathopoulos
Georgios Efstathopoulos
Chief Technology Officer
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Do I need to use a specific brokerage firm to link my account to the platform and have my account data automatically updated daily?

We are continually working on expanding the list of brokers with account connectivity to FundSeeder. At this time, depending on the markets you trade, we can connect with the following brokers for the following account types:

Futures Onlyif you trade futures only, we support account connections to ADM and TradeStation..

Equities Onlyif you trade equities only, we currently support account connections to Interactive Brokers and TradeStation.

OTC Forex Onlyif you trade OTC Forex only, we support account connections to Interactive Brokers..

Combination of Futures, Equities, and OTC FXif you trade any combination of futures, equities, and OTC Forex within the same trading account, we offer connectivity with Interactive Brokers and TradeStation.

Unverified XLS Uploadif your broker is not listed as available for account linking to FundSeeder, select “Use Unverified Data” option as the connection method.